Treat your taste buds and try our Granulated Garlic. Our Granulated Garlic is made from our very own Garlic and our customers are raving about the fresh, fantastic taste. It is wonderful to cook with, and makes it so easy to add the fresh taste goodness of Garlic to your favorite dishes.

Our Granulated Garlic is Ready for shipping. To place an order please call us at (315) 406-8917 or use our contact form


Our Herbs
Granulated Garlic

M & V is now making "granulated garlic". Not as
fine as garlic powder. Excellent flavor, and easy to
cook with. We have three sizes to choose from:

4 oz - $5.00
15 oz - $14.00
32 oz - $25.00

Granulated Garlic is now ready for shipping please call us at (315) 406-8917 or use contact form

Bottles of Granulated Garlic
Pickled Garlic Scapes

Our Original

Ingredients : Water, Salt, Vinegar , Spices
Must Refrigerate after open

$8.00 ( 16 oz. jar )

Please Call
Bottles of Pickled Garlic Scapes
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